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An eerie house to be the stage.
To a tortured soul it's but a cage.
To you, lone visitor, it feels forlorn.
but soon there'll be nothing left to mourn.

"Welcome to ClayTown Friend"

Not many people come here, so it's quite nice to see you.
Though I must say...
You sure are tempting fate coming here.

ClayTown isn't what it used to be. 
Friendly faces? Lovely Art? Life in the heart of nature?
All dead ideas.
But don't fret, there's still plenty to see.

I hear you're interested in ghost stories?
Then why don't you go to that old estate.
Oh there's plenty to see up there.
Mystery, Horror, Consequences,
you'll find all of that and more up there.

Be sure to take a close look around, who knows what you might uncover

Huh? Is it safe to go up there?
There's nothing to be afraid of friend;
why, I've gone up there a few times as well.

a̷nd I'm perfectly fine

Doesn't matter if you think so or not,
we both know you'll go up there.

So feel free to go on in

Oh, I do hope your wit is as big as your curiosity.
That estate is a tricky thing to explore.
Keys, Puzzles, Notes, and Riddles
Its residents are quite a secretive bunch.

I'm sure there's a lot to uncover

Oh yes the residents, don't mind them.
They're a little shy at first, but they'll warm up to you.
So don't let their callousness offend you,
I assure you they'd love to pick your brain.

I'm sure they'll love you

Well friend
Stay safe up there,
and don't get too overwhelmed
Hope you enjoy your stay,

and Welcome to ClayTown.


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Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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I played the demo about a year ago and I really enjoyed it then. Re-playing it now in its full release is just awesome. I really liked the direction that the game went and the ambience is superb! I Highly recommend getting the game! 

really really cool game! excited for more :)